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The Museum of Almaty history was opened in 2002. It is the leading scientific research and cultural-educational institution of Almaty. The museum exposition presents the history of Almaty from the period of the first settlements on the territory of the city and its neighborhoods until today. Separate sections are devoted to the formation of the Kazakh statehood, the Verny period, the history of modern Almaty. The museum complex includes archaeological park "Boraldai Saka  burial  mounds" where an open-air museum will be created in the future.

Museum collections store more than 35 thousand pieces telling about the 1000-year history of the city. The museum regularly holds exhibitions, international conferences, round tables on historical and cultural heritage issues.

In 2016 a new exposition of the museum was opened in a building constructed in 1892 by Paul Gourdet - a Frenchman, the architect of Verny who made a huge contribution to forming the city’s appearance at the turn of the 19th - 20th  centuries.

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